Ok, Ater he just despaired, I mean for me he did, since I wasn’t here back then.

At least Pinchemadre has an explanation node…. But Ater he just ‘poof’... vanished.

But I am sure they are both alive and well….

See achan well, achan he wrote something which got me thinking, and reading. And somewhere there was this softlink “psychological damage, getting fired, and the karma police” which is something krsi wrote…. So I decided to see what ever happened to krsi…. Not many daylogs, but the last one, written on “February 12, 2001” disturbed me, not because of what was written, we’ve all had hard times but reading someone has no food, and never hearing from them again.


break, back to life

I spent more money than I earned last month, I am insane, the new TV and the motorcycle lessons and just generally spending money. I don’t even really want that shit, I just need something to pass the time, until I get the guts and grow the balls to just get up and leave.

I am thinking of getting a Playstation… I freaking don’t need one or really want one… the Nomad stopped working and all I can think is… “That’s too bad

I’ve got a girlfriend now… I think… I’m not sure on the definitions, but anyways, she’s the first girl I’ve dated more than twice, I’d say more about her, but too many damn people know me here by this nick. And they know her as well (Not from here) we see each other a lot, we hang, skate, rent movies, she sleeps over.

but she is a great deal younger than me, and sometimes I think it ain’t right… I haven’t ever told her this, not directly.

It should NOT bother me!!

But it does…. I’ll get over it I guess… I’m too passive to do anything else about it.

I am 23, with someone, yet still alone. And this is my life

Note to self, I have edited this after the fact.