Sometimes it starts with some sort of question...

"Do you think writeups show too much information?" "Have you become so tired of the same old hints that aren't very useful after you're level 2 or so?" "Are you tired of suffering?"

Sometimes it's a fact thrown right at you "Now Available..." or "Now in your user settings..."

And once, I even recall being informed after the fact "You probably noticed..." I mean, that's just not right, just let me logon and read some daylogs and node a bit and suddenly nothing will ever be the same!!!

Are you all insane?! I am all for change and progress but somethings just shouldn't change! If it ain't broke, don't fix it, is what I always say! Imagine what would happen if we start giving out information and new hints to everyone who wanted them?! Eh?! I am as liberal as the next guy, but some things are just too much!

This whole everything2 experiment has gone much too far. I think it's time to give us back E1!!! And if we are on the subject, I propose going back 5.25 floppies! And Donkey Kong! (Where did this Luigi guy come from anyways?!) And I don't think it's just about computers! NO SIRIE! Didn't you like it all so much better when there were 3 major American television networks? ABC, NBC, and CBS every child knows that is how it should be.

And mixed games between the National League and American League that's just plain sick!

I'll tell you when it all started... New Coke. 'nuff said.

Stop the insanity! Just say no!

I never actually was on E1... now was I? hmmm....