Reading the newspaper makes me feel sick. I don’t know why I bought one…

I stay away from “The News” as much as possible, I make sure to be on 102fm (Radio Tel Aviv) every hour on the hour (When the radio is on anyways) since they don’t have hourly news updates unlike…. Everyone else.

I don’t buy newspapers normally, if I find myself in a waiting room or such, I’ll read the want ads or the real estate section, or maybe the world travel stuff.

I have a TV that isn’t hooked up to an antenna… last time I watched TV at home, it was the Simpsons,… INTERUPTED by a news flash about a terrorist bombing, so I watch that a bit when it is INTERUPTED by news of a DIFFERENT bombing.

That was just too much… no more antenna. Now my 29” Pilot TV is used for DVD/VHS and DiVX only. (Maybe I will finally buy that PlayStation)

So, I wake up this morning (A Friday mind you) I usually don’t work on Friday and today was no exception only my work mate did have to work (Since I did the last emergency thingie on Friday… wait nobody cares… As I was saying…) I woke up this morning (Around noon) and my friend Nir calls me, he wants to go to Ramle (Well he called me the previous night telling me he’d call)

Ramle : Ramle is one of the oldest cities in Israel, it’s a mixed city meaning Arabs and Jews live together (This is probably due to the fact that most of the Ramlite Arabs are Christians and not Muslim) Ramle Is also packed with Ethiopian, Indian and all sorts of Asian and African heritage Jews.

So we walk around the Ramle market, Nir remembering about his childhood days with his grandfather in Ramle and such. I tasted mid-eastern some sweets and we go to buy a Tunisian Sandwich. The Fricassee place was closed so we went to the main street looking for food, nothing looked good so we decided to head for “Halil

Halil had the same feeling it always does, cool but no air conditioning, not empty but not packed, waiters walking back and forth with Sheshlek or Kebab sometimes with Coffee and Baklava. We decided to take out food outside, ordered a pita with meat each and headed out for Nir’s car to eat.

Skip skip skip.

I’m home, bored, tired, nothing to do… LIGHTBULB IDEA EUREKA

I go to the corner kiosk (“Grass”) and get myself a Bounty and weekend edition of Maariv (Israel’s second biggest paper)

Déjà vu.

Reading the newspaper makes me feel sick. I don’t know why I bought one.