Mizrachit meaning Oriental or Eastern is a style of music popular in Israel mainly among Mizrachi or Spheradic Jews.

Also know sometimes as Mediterranean music, elements are brought mostly from Arab and Greek music. The melismatic singing style and incorporation of traditional instruments such as the oud and bouzouki with violins and modern electric guitars, synthesizers and drum machines give it a unique sound that stands out among other types of modern Israeli music.

Eastern melodies over western structured rhythm and bass have led to many successful crossovers and Mizrachit today is often fused with Israeli Hip Hop (e.g. Subliminal), Metal (e.g. Orphaned Land) and almost any type of music popular in Israel.

The most popular Mizrachit Artist ever was probably Zohar Argov who hit the mainstream airwaves in 1978 and is still known as “The King” even years after his death.

While still looked down upon by much of Israel’s Ashkenazi population and some of the Spheradic population as well. Since the early 90s it had become a widely accepted genre being featured on movie soundtracks, television commercials and mainstream radio stations. Other popular artists include: