Sitting here with a sprained ankle...

I read this in some random write-up:

"By sheer luck, we have been afforded some of the greatest opportunities in history. By being born in America, we possess more liberties and rights than any other population since time began"

You USAians really need some help, you need to get out of your tiny boxes and roam the land a bit, your own land and your neighbors lands and then maybe get a flight ticket and see some other lands.

You live in the most influential country on this planet at this time, yet you don’t have a FUCK of a clue what is going on around you.

More liberties? You live in a state that is almost fascist compared to some European nations.

More rights? The right to remain silent? Or maybe the right to be randomly stopped by police, searched on the spot and taken into custody with no explanation.

Hell you abolished slavery and had proper equal rights after the rest of the world (modern world atleast) had already moved on.

You live in a country were you can’t smoke marijuana, You can’t drink alcohol until you are 21, You can’t create a monopoly, You can’t even buy cigarettes or certain types of knives if you are underage! You can’t kill yourself if you are terminally ill. Most places you can’t gamble or get paid for sex….

You use a 2 party electoral system while most of the rest of the pseudo-democratic world (Including France) are parliamentary democratic republics!

The USA is not a democracy

But this isn’t about the USA, it’s about USAians, no not Americans… Not Canadians or Mexicans or Central Americans or South Americans… this is about a group of people who are USAmericans (Excluding New Yorkers who are different)

USAians who live their lives in their little closed areas knowing nothing much about the world outside their borders aside from what the media throws at them.

The United States is a great country, it has spread its wonderful democratic views all over the world! Countries like Panama, Guatemala, Afghanistan, Iran, The Philippines, Colombia, Peru, Korea and Vietnam will never be the same. (Can you count the ones I forgot?)

Now, the US Government did what was right for them. The thing that is so damn insane is how the US people think they were doing a wonderful service


A couple days ago… I was watching two cats stalk an injured bird, it was amazing, just like watching the National Geographic channel. I watched until the bird was out of sight. The whole time the cats were moving like the perfect hunting machines God or Evolution created them to be (I hate cats, I’m allergic)

Yesterday I saw that bird again. It’s amazing, a bird that can’t fly was being stalked by 2 predators and either got away or they gave up for some reason.

Point being, there is always hope (How cliché) or Point being, cats look fucking cool when they are hunting but I guess looking cool isn’t always enough

Or, no point at all.

I’ve sprained my ankle, I can’t walk, I order in food and I can’t even go get good DVDs, I was supposed to go on a trip tomorrow I doubt I’ll be going.

Life goes on.