I'm not going to write anything flashy, I’m not in the mood...

I just woke up 10 minutes ago, at 4:20pm, which sucks because insomnia tonight and I have work tomorrow. I went to sleep around 6:00am but I usually have my cell phone somewhere near me and then someone calls and wakes me up.

Last night was really cool…. It started out with me deciding I was going out to some club to see some show even if it was the kind of music my friends don’t like (I am not telling you so you wont be biased against me while reading this)

So I go onto IRC looking for this friend of mine who said he might be going (since I don’t have his phone number) and he isn’t there… instead I convince this other girl I know to come with me… so we get to Jaffa and drive around a bit trying to find the place… because I off course refuse to ask for directions. Eventually we do ask, and nobody knows, except for this one cab driver who gave me maybe the worst directions I have ever been given:

Drive straight ahead, not left, and not right, and then right, not left, then straight, after going right, then right again, never left, only right, twice, after driving straight.

Interruption: My friends just called me (Ok so I found my cell phone by now) They are all at the beach. Damn I hate when they are all doing something together and I’m not there, I fell left out… like the kid that gets picked last for sports… I mean he does get on some team but they either don’t pass him the ball, tell him to stay on defense, or make him play Right Field.

Anyways, so we got to the club and this girl I was with really hated the music, she said it was alright but she hated it, I could tell, so we decided to go somewhere else and drove around, first place I wanted was closed, they built some dumb cafe instead of the cool little pub it used to be. Then we went looking for some place else…

We ended up going to some American tourist blues bar/pub called “Mike’s Place” which was nice, I ordered an A.M.F. and she ordered a Margarita, after that we went to Pizza Meter… most of the night was spend aimlessly driving around, which probably drove her crazy.

But I was a great night, I really enjoyed it, and I left my cell phone under a bunch of clothes so I couldn’t hear it ringing……

I won’t tell you about how I went looking for it, ‘cause you already know I found it.

But I did and I walked to the car which is parked far away because it was the only place I could figure it was, and it wasn’t so I came back home, and it wasn’t here either

And you must be sick of reading all this babble with no point…. But it DOES have a point… the point is:

Those unplanned nights spent doing a lot of things and getting back home in the morning really rock!

At least I think so. Wow, I wrote an awful lot of nothing to say that. Sorry