Today is Friday, I don't work on Friday.

I can sleep late and not answer the phone and if I do, I don't have to make an effort to not sound like I was sleeping in case it is my boss or a client who wants to know why I am not at work yet.

I can wake up, and go back to sleep.

I can do whatever I please... I can blow of the plans I made Thursday night, the plans which including going to all kinds of stores and buying things I need, I can just keep on sleeping and decide to go and get all that stuff NEXT FRIDAY....(Which will probably be spent sleeping late...)

I can promise my mom I’ll pick up my brother from the airport on Sunday… since… that will be Sunday, not Friday, on Friday I do absolutely nothing.

Speaking of my brother, he just spent a year in New York, I visited him sometime in January, haven’t seen him since then. We talk on the phone sometimes, and he catches me on IRC every once in a while… now he is coming home, which means I have to give him his TV back, so I went out and bought an even bigger, better, newer TV.. and then he said “Oh, well, I didn’t tell you that I wanted the old TV back…”

But TODAY is Friday, so I don’t care about any of that… I’ll go shower and then eat something and then go fix my friend’s computer and then hang out and go to some pub or club tonight.

I can sit around on e2 or irc or playing bubble shooter or reading or watching TV, if I did watch TV, but I don’t (Yes I know I said I HAD a TV, but I don’t watch anything but rented DVDs on it… when they work, I can reply to all the emails I got, and I can listen to that voicemail I got while looking at “Her” picture…..

Today is Friday, which makes tomorrow Saturday, which makes Friday even better!

Oh and by the way….. the movie sucks.