Am I allowed to do this? I mean, just start a new day log? Even though the server time is “21:25:31 Wed July 4, 2001” but it is now 47 minutes after midnight in Tel Aviv…..

Well, I guess I am writing about tomorrow for most of you, while most of you are celebrating the independence of what for you is the only country on earth, I am sitting half way across the globe totally oblivious to the fact that yesterday was the Forth of July. Well, today, for you…

I really do love fireworks, I wish I didn’t have to miss that part of the holiday, I guess I will have to wait until some appropriate holiday is celebrated here.

Damn, with all that babble about today’s date, I sort of forgot what I wanted to write about….

Did any of you mentally correct me about saying I was oblivious, I mean I can’t be oblivious of a fact (at least not totally.) and state it, especially not in the same sentence. It would be an oxymoron… or something.

I always did wonder if I’ll ever be the first to write up a certain date, but then again, always isn’t always as long as it sounds.

Well, now it is time to go to sleep, and hope that I wake up and get the email I am waiting for tomorrow morning. I am not going to explain what it is and from whom, if and when I get one… I’ll be writing much too much about it anyways… and if I don’t… I guess it will bother you forever. No, maybe it won’t…. It will bother me though.

But she’ll send that email… I mean… she loves me….. Doesn’t she?