It's after 2am, I don't want to go to sleep, I never do, But I think I should since I don’t want to be late for work again, I always am, my bosses don’t seem to mind, at least they don’t tell me they do, I’m never more then 20 minutes late, I know they hate that.

I should get up early and go take a motorcycle-driving lesson; I want to get a license already. But… I AM A LAZY BUM! Everyone says so, well everyone who knows me well,.. People who don’t... they think I work really hard (well I do work long hours) and have done a lot to become what I have become (a lowly sysadmin, but to them it looks like I am some kind of computer genius)

This is my first day log, I think I like the idea… ‘cept for watching my spelling and making it readable… that is annoying, I am typing this up in Microsoft Word, so that I have the autocheck on.

I wish there was an autocheck for mirc… YES I AM A WINDOZE KIDDIE, other O/S tire me.

Anyways, I should go to sleep… I don’t want to drink redbulls all day tomorrow again… maybe that’s why I can never sleep….. I used to have the same thing with Coca Cola.. I was an addict, my doctor told me to stop drinking it… I have not had one drop of Cola in 8 years I think.