There is a little girl screaming outside, I have no idea why.

I am listening to an old Art Bell mp3 about area51.

A few hours ago I went over to some guy I know to fix his modem, I couldn't help much, I should stop trying to help other people out with their computer problems, it just makes them think less of me when I don't solve them. Funny how i always solve the problems I have at work.

I called the guy who has like all my best pictures from South America, he confessed to loosing them, but confessed he found them and he'd have them for me this week... see i gave him those pictures to take home for me when i was in Ecuador, and it's been almost a year now.

Anyways tonight I think i will do something diffrent!

Wow, I just reread that and noticed how boring it is, well, I won't spice it up, because that's what's up this hot evening... I haven't got anything better to share at the moment.. so go read someone else's daylog!

This news just in : Klaproth says I ate your writeup "What would aliens think of us if Everything was all they had?" because uhh, thank you for sharing. It will soon rest in Node Heaven.

And to think, all I said was "Aliens can't read English"

But, NOW YOU ALL KNOW THAT I WROTE IT, So i don't care if it was nuked, since everybody knows the truth!!

Mwhauhauhaua (That is an evil laugh typed up)

americans dont speak english & Aliens can NOT infact speak English either!

And any quality Sci-Fi show will prove it! But you, you people all watch Babylon 5 or StarTrek

Mwhauhauhaua (Another evil laugh)

Now you all know the truth! and nobody can stop me!