I didn’t think it would bother me this much, but it does….

Two nights ago I made myself some spaghetti with some really nice tomato sauce, with cheese melted into it and everything. (Garlic and oregano and a touch of cinnamon and a dash of paprika)

Just as it was almost ready, I got a call

“Hey, wanna go see Shrek in about 10 minutes?”


So out the door I went, left the food outside, for I knew that anything I put in the fridge, I will not reheat.

Shrek was cool.

Anyways after the movie we went to PizzaBig Mama” which is a really cool place that we used to hang out a lot it, a bit expensive, and we are no longer ‘regulars’ so the waitresses don’t know us anymore, but it was a nice bite of nostalgia. (And great pizza)

I got home, I knew the food was waiting, I knew it would go into the fridge.

Now, let me explain I am not spoiled or finicky or anything, I just can’t stand frozen/refrigerated-reheated food…. AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ABOUT MICROWAVES….

I can’t stand the smell, or the taste, or the thought. And people have tried to trick me often… I just can’t eat it.

So into the fridge it went. I decided I am living alone now, and I will learn how to conserve money and time by doing what all-normal people do.

I got home the next day, and after thinking about it, decided to heat up the spaghetti. It smelled, I ignored it. I will eat LEARN to eat like a normal human being.

I ended up going out for falafel and buying a pint of Haggen Daz at the super market…. I chucked the spaghetti into the garbage bin downstairs on my way.

I feel guilty.

Today we ordered hamburgers.