Everyone and their mother is a blogger these days, it's disgusting. It used to be original and special, now it’s just trendy.

It used to be that blogs were interesting and well written or at least had some added value, the person writing them was a writer at heart or witty or needed a creative release of some kind.

Now, it’s just trendy.

It used to be that forums (actually fidonet or bbs mail) were my special way of getting information, that nobody else could get, I’d know it first, have opinions from around the world. Small intimate communities where you knew most people and the type of people that would be there.

Now, everyone’s writing… some are reading…

It used to be chatting was done on IRC or maybe on some MUD. E-mail was for staying in touch, and you met a girl and asked for her phone number outside somewhere.

There are 300 different chat programs now and websites with 5 million different “rooms” (we used to call them channels… isn’t a ‘room’ where AOLers hang out?) you actually meet girls on these chats… and actually that’s what most people are there for…

But you don’t get a phone number.. you get an ICQ or MSN and if you DO give your phone number… you’ll never hear a sheepish voice on the other end asking for you… YOU WILL GET A BLASTED SMS “hi, ttyl8r 2nite on www.stupidchat.com”

I’m 25…. I feel 52…. I liked the internet when it was MINE, when the WWW seemed like a stupid alternative to gopher, file-sharing meant giving someone an ftp account, and if you were really cool, you’d have an irc script to handle your away message.

Ok, Sorry, Didn’t mean to “I was here first” and I like the web and the new forums and stuff…

but could you please stop the blogging?