What are my ambitions? Well, I don’t really have any. Which might be the problem. I have plans, options… let’s see

  1. Stay in Tel Aviv for another year, in the same apartment. The landlord is beginning to grow on me, and even though he talks quite a lot when he get’s going, telling me about how he formed “Sayeret Matkal” and such, He is a sweet old man who wants to teach me about electricity and plumbing and useful stuff that I would actually quiet like to learn, but I’m too lazy and he talks way too much to teach me

  2. Go travel again! I came back home from South America way too soon, I didn’t see half of what I planned and there is so much more to see. Then again, an army friend of mine just got back from India and she is poisoning my mind with it. A client of mine was telling me about Laos and Vietnam the other day and it seems everyone is talking about Australia lately. (Note: The started selling Tim Tams in Israel a couple months ago)

  3. Travel?! No WAY! I am opening a Pizza Pub with a good friend of mine! You hear me, a nice neighborhood pub that serves some pizza. I don’t know how popular this idea is around the world, but I was in one or two in Peru and I like the idea! It’ll be great!!

  4. School, I quit school when I was 15. Actually they told me to stay home as I sort of stopped showing up regularly in the 7th grade, and no one really did anything about it. It doesn’t bother me, but I really feel like studying something and there is this cool place in San Diego called “The Art Institute of California” which is a sort of Advertising and Graphic Design. It sounds cool and I like creative stuff. I don’t know if it’d like living in the States, it’s so damn unhealthy.


    In other news, today I played Zork for a couple hours, I forgot how much text adventures can rock! I sat around doing nothing almost all day, aside from going to a client and Ghosting his old machine to his new box. I came home depressed, I called a friend, just hearing her voice made me feel good again, So good I ate some Turkish Yogurt (I am allergic to dairy, I guess this was some kind of “Fearless” effect… I puked my guts out…. Now I feel better, drinking almond tea with no sugar. Wow, this has been long….

    Did I mention she is sick, and I bought her the nicest flowers last night, 5 Tulips, 3 purple open and 2 yellow still closed. Well when I called her she told me how everyone has been complimenting them…. DAMN, I rock!

    Is that enough for you Milez?