I often hear myself writing things in my head, as if I am narrating my life, while there is a soft faint soundtrack of memories and thoughts in the background.

For the past two nights I’ve been taking 5-htp before going to sleep. Yesterday I noticed it, I fell into a nice deep sleep, and the kind I don’t remember having since I was a child.

Is it psychosomatic? Does it really work? How much should I be taking?

I woke up this morning fresh, I’m NEVER fresh in the morning, I’m usually still asleep somewhere in my mind until a bit after noon, if not more… I am most alert after midnight, hence my eternal battle with sleep or wake as it be.

I read somewhere about some experiment with Germans, underground, while most synced to a 20ish hour day without knowing the time. A small group synced to a 30-hour day.

I think Germans are insane. It’s not because I’m Jewish… I swear it isn’t. But all the S&M stuff is always German; I think they have a lot of sexual hang-ups. I mean just listen to Rammstein while watching the news tell us about Hannibal Lecter real life maniacs.

Some of you are yelling “But that happens HERE” Well maybe it does… but not here where I am.

So anyways, I think I’m like the 30 hour day group, only not German.