My weekend consisted of 3 parts on 3 days, yet I view it as a whole, because it feels as such.

My Weekend: Part I – Thursday Night
(Or, “A rather normal quiet Israeli weeknight”)

Thursday I finished work at about 20:30, working with a friend who is an ex-Chromatis worker and now is a sysadmin at a company hosted at some kibbutz.

On my way home I took a hitchhiker, He was the settler type, looked like he came from Kiryat Arba or such, was on his way to Jerusalem. Big hitchhiker’s back-pack, M-16, some kind of police or Magen David Adom (Israeli Red Cross / Paramedic) jacket, long beard and a yarmulke that keep falling off.

We barely talked, I asked him where he needed, told him where I could drop him off, went a bit out of my way and drove home via Ramat Gan instead of directly. The two or three sentences I did swap with him surprised me, when he used not only very young Israeli slang, which wasn’t surprising in itself (Sababa and Achi are rather broad terms) but his intonation was that of a “Shanti” type Israeli.

Since I was driving into Ramat Gan anyways, I decided to go to “Sakal” the duty free store to return a pair of Reeboks my mom bought me in the airport, they either are very honest about refunds or made an error, but I wound up getting full price refund on shoes that were 50% off… since “Sakal” are such known assholes I decided not to inform or ask too much, I tried to buy some stuff and get out, but I couldn’t find anything I liked. (Nice selection of Timberland, Nike and other sport fashion but still) I did get a new basketball for 60 shekels but I paid cash, as I didn’t want them running my refund in the computer again yet.

After which I watched Mickey Blue Eyes on DVD, which I had rented the day earlier with Sharon and we neglected to watch…. I even returned it on time… I think.