I just got the following e-mail.

"I have no set up to work from home - Please deal with this as I need to work from home now and then.
Now is today Friday but I did not want to bother you so I came to the office!!"

Let me explain, as i have mentioned before, Friday is not a workday here, where I live.

The funny thing about this email is, I really don't care.

I just… DAMN (I loaded MS word for the spell check, I thought I’d get by without it… guess I was wrong)

As I was saying, I just saw “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle” on DVD, with some non-native English speaking people who I had to explain most of the jokes I laughed at too… which weren’t really funny in the first place… which made me feel quite like an idiot.

I got to see my friend’s niece, which was weird, considering his sister is like 20 years old, and her having a child is just so damn strange to me. I remember when she was in the forth grade. (Yes, I know 16 year olds are having babies, and she had one at like 19… but it was still weird, especially since he never mentions either of them)

Dinner was fine, cool watching the police take the Orient House on TV, I really enjoyed it. I don’t watch TV at home, or read the newspaper or anything, so going to my parents lets me catch up with the world a bit. I sometimes feel stupid for buying a brand new 29-inch TV, but I’ll just get me a Sony Playstation and everything will be fine.

I feel like writing so much more, but I have nothing really to say, I told my folks I was thinking of moving in April, they were pretty surprised, even though I’ve been saying it for ages, I guess I sounded serious this time.

Ok, that’s all I gotta get some sleep so I don’t wake up late tomorrow so I fall asleep early, so I wake up Sunday on time for my bike lesson and work.

And the real bitch is,… I didn’t even make any spelling mistakes this time.