2 Hours until dinner, I can’t wait, I’m hungry.

You see, I drive back to Rishon Le-Zion every Friday night for Kiddush and a Home cooked meal. Since moving to Tel Aviv alone the amount of home cooked food I eat has declined drastically. Besides now I pay for my food, and I don’t pay for gas… so driving 20 minutes back to my parents place is economically the best option.

I slept 12 hours from 5am to 5pm…. I feel asleep while on the phone with this chick, we knew we were doing it, but did it anyways… it caused some freaky lucid dreams, a few which were VERY scary.

Understand, that when I lucid dream I keep waking up into another lucid dream which usually mimics real life, i.e. I dream that I woke up in my bed, and I still got the ‘lucid’ feel so I am sure it’s real.

And then scary things happen, Last night I got drowned and was choked from behind (both happened while I was dreaming to be in my bed), I never have nightmares and after about 5 or 6 of theses, I truly wasn’t sure if I was asleep or not.

Freaked me out.

Now I’m ok… I just need a cold shower and in 2 hours to go get some dinner.