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So many temporary solutions! If you got accustomed to them, it might even start to seem like THEY were the default, and grey misery was the temporary problem. Why should you take the unpleasant part as the ground state?

Well, there are good reasons. Say you feel terrible all the time. And you don't have the energy to go and do any of the above cheeriness. And people attempting to make you happy is infuriating. And you can't get your mind off the miserable aspects of your existence. Yes. The word has been abused and trivialized, but this is depression. Real, bleak, killing depression. Death is better.

BUT. Perhaps the good life is better than the good death. And perhaps you can reach it. Or maybe you can't. But maybe you can change into someone like you, someone who has the holy fire and the ability to love life. It's not easy. In fact, it's not even hard. It's scary. In a way, it's a death and a rebirth. But people change. Sometimes drastically. Drugs can do it, prescription or non-prescription. Cognitive Behavioral therapy works for some; mysticism for others; community for others. All are a lie, when all you want to do is lay down and decompose. But practice them long enough, and they become true... and the problem is solved by becoming someone who has the inner energy to seek solutions.

The solution is not to live in pain and seek diversion. The solution is to change. And if that seems impossible, it's not changing enough.