Other things that might help:

1) Cook down the milk first. Drinking condensed milk ought to be about as hard on the digestive system, but easier on stomach capacity

2) Train I eat two or three cups of yogurt and cottage cheese daily. That means my intestine is probably home to a thriving lactobacillus culture. I have no doubt that this gives me more milk-digesting capability than those who drink uncultured milk products.

3) Make sure you're not genetically from Asia, Africa, or the indigenous inhabitants of the Americas. Most people without some genes that originated in Europe are lactose intolerant, and taking this bet this may well be the worst thing that ever happened to you.

4) Pre-load: Lactose intolerant people can take enzyme pills that enable them to digest milk (e.g., lactaid™). You can too.

5) Vomit. I absolutely do not recommend this. Vomiting is bad for you. However, if you're going to do this stupid thing anyway, and you're up to make a few hundred dollars, it may be worth it. Milk is alkaline, which should help buffer the acidic gastric juices that you're going to be bringing up. Since vomiting depletes electrolytes, as does drinking large quantities of fluids, you will want to replenish them straightaway. Rutabaga is a good source of potassium; anything salty will provide sodium.