I've just spent the past four or so hours watching Band of Brothers. The reason was that I was bored and I think that it is one of the best series ever made for television. It is also one of those programmes that makes you think. Especially for someone of my age – the people I'm watching are portraying people who only 18 or 19.

It is somewhat scary to think that if I had been born 60 years ago I could have been one of those people. What scares me is that I don't know how I would have reacted in the situations that one faces in war. Would I have been able to pull the trigger to kill the other person?

Well that train of thought has depressed me enough so I'm going to write about and now for something completely different (really need to stop watching Monty Python). There is a girl on the floor of my Hall of Residence (somewhat like a Dorm) who is going out with a boy in another part of the hall. It started innocently enough and overtime they slowly became more open about the relationship. However recently I've felt that they've become slightly too open.

What I mean is that they will actually make out while there are other people in the room, namely me. I'll be sitting their innocently watching TV when faintly I'll hear what I can only describe as a squelching sound. My fucking God, it is not as if they don't get a chance to do this seeing as they sleep in the same bed every night. Now another person on my floor declares this to be cute and I agree up to a point. Cute is holding hands in public and making a quick peck on the lips as you say goodbye, but not sticking your tongue halfway down someones throat while there are other people in the room.

Hopefully this doesn't spiral further downwards. Nothing more awkward that feeling as though you are hindering someone giving a handjob...