It's a Thursday night and I'm sitting here alone in my room typing about how bored I am. It is not like I haven't had opportunities to go out tonight but personally I find bars and pubs extremely boring. Hmmm, how fun it is to go to a place where the music is so loud that you can't have a conversation with the person next to you and there are drunken people everywhere. Sounds like Christmas at home.

I also don't like bars because I don't enjoy dancing. Actually let me rephrase that – I don't think that I'm a good dancer. Now I realise that this fact doesn't stop most of the people you see on the dancefloor but I not the sort of person who can let go and not care about what other people think. Also there is the small annoying fact that there will be always one person from your group who wasn't drunk enough to forget everything that happened during the night.

For me the most enjoyable times drinking have come when you're in someone's room, there is some music playing for atmosphere and everyone is drunk enough that they think they're having a good time. And there a places to sit down, ie the floor (bouncers tend not to approve of you sitting on the floor of bars, and I wouldn't advice it anyway - you never know what's down there).

As always this has turned into a meandering piece of prose about nothing in particular, so in the spirit of Monty Python, time for something completely different. On my floor at the Hall I have someone who wets their bed. Now a bit of research shows that this socially crippling problem effects one in a hundred adults. That's a lot of wet beds every morning around the world. Now personally I don't hold it against a person if they wet their bed. There is nothing that they can do about this and so we shouldn't blame them.

However I do I have a problem with this guy because his problem has caused our floor to smell like a public toilet at times. Somedays he decides for no particular reason to leave his door wide open. At these times it is advisable to keep your door firmly closed and to exit your room via the window onto the balcony if at all possible. It was during one of these times that I heard a visitor to our floor exclaim 'God, it fucking stinks up here'.

The problem at the moment is that no one on the floor has been willing to confront the perpetrator and ask him to either keep his door closed at all times or to buy some sort of deodorizing agent. I pity the poor person who stays in his room during the holidays and even next year.

And now I leave you with a quote that I'm sure every university student will agree is quite correct: A lecture is a method for information on a piece of paper in front of the lecturer to travel to a piece of paper in front of the student without it going through the brain of either.