A really great game for warmup in a theatre class or workshop, or classroom setting (especially for younger kids).

Everyone gets into a big circle (this is best for groups of more than 5, or so) standing up. There are three sorts of actions that can be performed in a game of Zip Zap Bop (or ZZB):
  • Zip - The person whose turn it is enthusiastically points to the person to the left or right of them while saying "Zip." This passes the "charge" (like an electrical charge, or pulse) to them. You can only change the direction of a Zip if you are Bopped in your attempt to pass the Zip in the correct direction.
  • Zap - To perform a Zap, the person to whom the charge was just passed (through a Zip or Zap) puts their hands together, palms facing together, as though they are praying, and points to a person anywhere in the circle, making sure to make eye contact. Simultaneous with this motion they say "Zap." A Zap can be performed at any time as long as that player is the current charge-bearer. (Some schools claim that you shouldn't be allowed to Zap to someone to your immediate left or right, because that would negate the purpose of Zip)
  • Bop - To Bop, a player puts up both of his/her hands (like you would "Come out with your hands up") and says "Bop." A Bop blocks a Zip from being passed to you, but you may not Bop a Zap.

Some additional notes:
Have fun!

I was taught this game in a recent theatre class, and am as of yet unaware of its origins, though I do know that it is quite famous and traditional, as far as exercises of this type go.