If you encounter a cougar, sometimes you can't run. You're pulled in by her maturity. She is in control of everything and keeps her cool. She's got something that no other woman has. You just can't put your finger on it.

She drives a Benz. She's got money. Maybe a husband, but she doesn't seem to care much right now. She wants you and nothing else right now. She knows she has the power to entangle you in her legs and she'll use it to get you there if she needs to.

You must resist the cougar as she is poisonous. She wants you as her toy for a while but as soon as you cross the threshold of your twenties, you'll be saying goodbye to your honey. She'll step on your heart as she walks past you to talk to the next strapping young lad.

Protect yourself now from the evils of a cougar, here's how.