I'm writing this node as I impatiently wait for my email to trickle in. I suppose I should bite the bullet and get DSL already... I work for a provider even. I could get a discount and I live a block from the CO. It'd be faster and I wouldn't have to write bitchy nodes like this.

Today, I worked and during my ten hours under the fluorescents, I endured the regular day-to-day operations of a department we like to call "Sub Legal". My boss forgot to ask me last week to get him a boardroom up on the twelfth floor for when the dudes from Nortel show up at 8 tomorrow morning, so I took care of that.

Otherwise, I have a paper cut and a new hangnail.

I was given a project by someone out west and now I have to dissect my job and help train three others, as well as the 700 contracts on my desk before Christmas. I think my new year's resolution will be to disappear from the cubicle farm for two weeks come January 1, 2001.

Until then, I will have to cope. I will, although this is not going to be easy.