Listening to music from the 1980s today. I am singing over it all, too and I know that my neighbours can hear me but that's okay. If they are disturbed by me, they can knock on my door and ask me to be quiet, but nobody has yet.

I woke up after 11 this morning, which rarely happens. I feel good about sleeping in like that (I usually get up at 6) but I wasted the morning away. Started some laundry and irritated my superintendent because I was using all of the machines and he wanted to do some too.

He went as far as to try to make me feel guilty for occupuying both washing machines at once. "I have a lot to do today. I need to get my day started. People are waiting for me and I can't be late." he said.

What a suck. "its happened to all of us." I replied "Isn't the laundry room first come, first served?"

"Um, yes."

"Well I guess you could always come back in 30 minutes when I am finished." I concluded.

He looked at me, gathered up his clothes and said "I'm glad we have a laundromat closeby. Don't have to wait for anyone to finish up there." and left.

And now, I'm waiting for my socks, towels and underwear to finish drying.

I want to go down to The Danforth this afternoon because its nearby and there is a street festival going on. I don't have anyone to go with but it will be fun to watch all of the gawking people who never cross the Bloor Viaduct and American Tourists in my neighbourhood at once.

I have nothing else to do. Its Saturday.