Now that the snow has left us Torontonians for a few months, The Americans are coming back in droves.

Tourism is a huge part of our local economy and although it brings millions in revenue to our city. It also brings with it thousands of Americans. Nobody ever ventures farther outside of the perimeter of the maps provided by the hotels that accomidate tourists and everyone sees same sights that were put there for the tourists to see.

A resident of Ohio is rarely seen in Scarborough.

How to Spot an American Tourist

Americans carry maps of Toronto in their hands yet still ask for directions.
Look for the double decker buses.
Eat at Wayne Gretzky's. Note the families consuming every morsel on their plates.
Look in Nicholby's.
Shop in the Toronto Eaton Centre and note the people asking what the exchange rate is on their purchases.
Spot the cameras.
Listen for accents. (the more southern, the funnier.)
License plates from Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York are a dead giveaway.
Marlboros and Camels all have foreign scents.
Visit the CN Tower

Americans are fascinated by the politeness of the homeless people in Toronto, as the bums say "Thanks anyway" when you don't give them change. Also, if you offer to take an American Tourist's picture for them with their camera, they're apprehensive and then shocked when you don't run off with it.