The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

History is filled with well-meaning, bright young men who decided that they could make things work. History is also filled with the horrible and frighteningly swift collapses of these societies.

It can be seen time and time again that the societies and countries which allow the greatest amount of freedom (especially economically) are the same societies and countries which grow and thrive and survive.

Bright young men think they can make things work. They think that people can be forced into a certain mold that works better.

Older, 'disillusioned' men know that they can't make things work. They know that people tend to break the mold they're placed in, even if it was 'for their own good'.

Brilliant men, men like Thomas Jefferson, realize that you can't make things work, but you can create a system that allows things to work. This system is called Democracy. This system is called Capitalism. In all it's alleged unfairness, all it's supposed bloody-mindedness, it is a hundred times better than any other way of living together. For all it's flaws, it's the best we have.

I'm not saying you don't mean well. But just having good intentions doesn't count for much when the stakes are this high and the scope is so broad. Learn from history, lest we repeat those mistakes. Monarchy, tribalism, Communism, socialism of all flavors, anarchy, Empirism, they've all failed. Democracy works. Capitalism thrives. It's the best we've got.