Wow, I've been parodied! Truly, I have arrived!

(There was some sarcasm in the above, please understand this.)

So Bush is a moron? Hmm, I would have agreed heartily with you six months ago. His public speaking is ridiclous at best, and scary at it's worst.


I no longer think that Dubya is stupid. Here's why:

He is beating an entire political party into the ground. He is single-handedly annihilating the Democratic Party. Barbra Streisand sure is scared. So are a lot of other ultra-liberal Hollywood-ites. The liberals have been in utter shell-shock since Dubya took office.

The man hasn't lost a skirmish yet. I think he's going to turn this China thing into a victory yet (and I'd like to note that as of now everyone on the Hill is saying that Bush is handling this exceptionally well; even Lieberman said so yesterday; he didn't like the taste of it, but he said it).

The man is not stupid. He took what could have been an insanely divisive election and has come through unbloodied so far. He is beating the SNOT out of a political party that took the popular vote just a few months ago. He is sticking by his guns on the right issues (tax cuts), and retains the realistic outlook to review policies that would cripple the country (Kyoto Protocol).

The son of a bitch is going to surprise you, I think. The Dems couldn't pull out a victory coming off 8 of the best economic years the country has known, simply because they underestimated the man. You might not want to do that again.

You may disagree with his ideas. You may make fun of his public speaking (though could you totally avoid any slip-ups, 24/7, with hundreds of cameras watching you?). You may even make fun of the way he looks.

But don't say he's stupid. That may be the last mistake the Democratic Party ever makes.