Thanks, mom:

Good morning, How are you this fine day? We are at -5 with about an inch of snow and its starting to feel like Christmas here. Decorated the house and started to bake some goodies and J already ate all the poppycock so I'll have to make it again. I thought you where going to call on Thurs. Needed your advise (sic). Actually still need your advice. Dad and I went Christmas shopping on Fri. Here's the deal... what do you know about the games: (... --ed.)? Are any of these games any good? Does our computer have enough memory to play? Would J enjoy playing these? Have you played any of these? Let me know what you think. It's kind of fun shopping but when you get into the computer stores and all the kids tell you what the fun games are and they happen to be the most expensive and since we don't play, what do we know?

So how was your weekend. We are on the count down for sleepies for when you come home. I'll have to ask J-L how many days are left. Dad has holidays booked for the week you are home and I'm off as well since I don't work the days the library is open that week. Do you have any plans or you just want to hang out and relax, play some Rook, eat? I thought of renting a cabin at Clear Lake but the nice children just laughed at me.

So... We had a busy weekend. Dad and I went shopping on Friday and then straight to the Carman area (sic) for a rink shift from 4:30 to 10:00. We have to do 3 - 6 hour shifts or else pay the canteen $180.00. So we have now worked the 3 times so that is done. Saturday we both worked. Sunday was church and then in the aft at 3 the Community Christmas concert at the hall. It was over 2 hours long. The band did not play this time. J-L was in a play with a group of Youth kids from church. The concert was good but alittle long in one of the drama's since your Father all of a sudden was sleeping. His head kept nodding and I looked over and the lady beside him was sleeping as well. So much for understanding the Drama Club's play from school.

Today Sky Cable is coming to take down the antenna since Dad got Bell View Express put in. You get the little dish attached to the house and then hundreds of channels. So Dad can watch endless football, and J-L can see Friends over and over again. Have to do some baking today as well. The stove thermostat went last week Wed. Put a cake in and 5 minutes later the stove was black with smoke. The temperature did not shut off. So no cake for us that night. Dad just finally got the part and installed it yesterday. Anyways I should get going. Have a good day and try to call sometime. Love you and miss you and pray for you. MOM