Collierville, Tennessee
Population (2001): 32,824
Minority Population: 11%
Density: 1,144 people per square mile.
Population change (1990-2001): +134%
Land Area: 28.7 square miles

Collierville is cozy little suburb of Memphis, Tennessee, and also happens to be my current place of residence. Made up primarily of middle class white people, Collierville is a perfect example of a bible belt family town. Extremely low crime, good schools (if that isn't an oxymoron), plenty of wholesome family activities, and easy access to everything in Germantown without actually paying half a million dollars for a house.

Geek Attractions: FedEx World Tech Center, Broadband via Time-Warner Cable's RoadRunner and BellSouth's FastAccess DSL.

Notable Retail Businesses: Kroger, Walgreens, Union Planters Bank, National Bank of Commerce, Independent Bank, Seesels, the ubiquitos Wal-Mart, OfficeMax, The Home Depot, FedEx Store, Pop Tunes, Bill Heard Chevrolet, Lander's Ford, and Blockbuster.

Decent Places to Eat: Huey's, Applebee's, O'Charley's, Corky's, Andy's (you know, that steak place on the Collierville Town Square), Java Company (even though it's in Germantown, it's close enough), Back Yard Burgers, TCBY, and Chapultapec for uber mexican.

Places NOT to Eat: Cancun or any other joint on Highway 72!