freeMe is a small Microsoft DOS command-line utility. The following is text from the README file distributed with this utility as it explains the usefulness of freeMe as well or better than I ever could.


The software distributed with this README file removes content protection from any Windows Media Audio file (.wma file) that uses DRM version 2 (as implemented in Windows Media Player version 7). It has been tested under Windows 98, so may or may not work with other Media Player/OS combinations. Also be aware that many "protected content" files out there are actually DRM version 1, specially if they are older files. This software will not do anything to unprotect version1 files.

There is another piece of software, called "unfuck", which similarly removes protections, but there is a fundamental difference in how these two pieces of software work. Unfuck works by allowing the player to unprotect and uncompress the audio, and then captures the audio samples on the way to the sound card. This software attacks the problem directly: it simply removes the encryption from the protected file, leaving everything else exactly the same. Because of this, there is no loss of quality due to uncompressing and re-compressing the content -- what you're left with is exactly the original content, just not protected. It's also much faster.

Please be aware that this software is "proof-of-concept" or "demonstration" level, not production level. While every effort has been made to make sure that it works properly, it may fail in unforeseen situations -- it has NOT been thoroughly tested! There isn't much chance that this program will screw up your system, but use at your own risk!