Nicknamed "the vice-principal of rock" by downtown NYC music scene types for his infamous early-90s song "Obedience School." He's released two albums, Tells the Story and The Operating Theater, of what has been described as "gangsta folk" or "Jonathan Edwards meets the Sex Pistols." Dewan sings and accompanies himself most often on autoharp or a home-built electric zither.

He's also the sole proprietor of Dewan Luxury Products, and builds furniture both fanciful and utilitarian for Brooklyn-area nerd rockers. One of his Shrine Objects can be seen on the cover of They Might Be Giants' second album Lincoln, and John Linnell uses a bright blue Dewan Luxury Products keyboard stand on stage and TV appearances.

Brian Dewan looks like a banker but is much more punk than any of you. He lives and works at Colyer Brothers Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.