I Swear That I Will Never Vote On A Node Writen By A Noder Who Has Not Been Seen In Over A Month

Votes are our currency

We trade them for pleasure

They are our admission fee to the community

We earn them by our writings

By our thoughts and feelings

Its how we are told we are worth while

By the lazy

Those who we really touch tell us so

I'd trade my votes for a word of praise

For knowing how I made a noder feel

For sharing a detail of a persons life

I'd willingly trade them all for your thoughts

I have made a covenant in the eyes of e2.

Why do I say this? Settle down and I will explain all.

When I vote I am showing my appretition for a noders work. I am telling him (or her) that I have enjoyed his writing. That it interested me or amused me or amazed me or touched me. If I vote it down then it means that I have found it somehow distastefull or inappropriate. Or worse - that I believe that it adds nothing to the nodegel.

So I was thinking about it... If someone is no longer an active member of e2 then why vote on their nodes? After all if they are never around to see the results of the votes then they will never know how much I cared for it or not. If they never know or just don't care then why should I spend my votes - a limited resourse remember - on them? Since I have only so many votes a day, less than I could use, then I should ration them and give them to people who appreticate them more. Of course I were to be a good noder then I'd message those people as well and tell them that I liked their node.

This means that I can never again vote on a node by Sensei or Hermetic. This will be hard.

In other things... I bound my first book today! For this I blame How to Bind Your Own Book by Jongleur. A really good write-up.

I also recieved a really nice message about my last daylog. It just goes to show how great the community of e2 is - and also that not everyone who claims to be evil really is.

I went out for dinner with Arieh, Heschelian and The Debutante since it was The Debutante's Hebrew Birthday. We celebrated today since we will not all be there for her 'real' birthday. Arieh nearly scared the waitress by telling her, apon being served, "Oh. I don't eat food from triangular plates..." the look she had in the brief moment before finding out he was joking was pretty priceless.

elem_125 mentions the nodes that he likes

Since I can not yet ching nodes there is no real way to tell people about the nodes that I have liked. So mentioning them here in a daylog seemed like a good idea. So today's notable node is:

A really good sandwich that ideath could make to take to work with her

Thank you sensei

Before you ask... this doesn't break my covenant about since I am only directing people to a node I think that they would like. I am not spending my votes on this node (although I might have done in the days before I made this pact).

Thats it... good night