I've just got off the phone to my girlfriend. She lives in california. I'm in the UK. Its a long way. Its kind of hard to talk when there is an eight hour time difference. Thank goodness neither of us work - it means I can stay up and talk to her at 4pm her time, midnight mine, she can stay up at talk to me at 8am mine, midnight hers.

8800 kilometres
thats a long way

But shes coming to visit me over thanksgiving. Two eleven flights to be with me for four nights. Thats devotion. Its also a pretty much 4:1 time here to flight time ratio. And I love her for it.

I can see the moon out my window
staring at me
the thin clouds give it a rainbow halo

I bought her a present - Channukah starts while shes here. I'd say what it is but I know she knows about e2 and I don't want to take the risk. Its one of the few secrets I've kept from her. Her sister knows what it is though. So does her room mate. Its evil of me to tease her like this - but it does highten the anticipation. I'm sure she'll like it.

Dayloging is hard when you live with noders.

There are things that I could say - but wont. I live with three noders, and one who will not node. So if I were to talk about the people I live with chances are that they will read it and know.


We always try to eat togeather every night. Some of us will cook and the others will tidy up. Tonight I cooked. I made chilli - I like it, its easy to make and tasty and nutritious. But tonight the rice burned. Burning rice smells nasty. Dinner was odd, somehow strained and I don't really know why. People are in funny moods. I should of added lemongrass to the chilli.

my server's clock is wrong by 0.16 seconds
it e-mailed me to tell me this

I spent part of my day playing with my server. Its a typical LAMP setup. I wrote a few PHP scripts to track people moving though my site and to display the last 5 IPs that accessed my site. I felt like a voyeur watching people move from page to page. It thrilled me at the same time.

I am ready to move on.

I'm getting tired of the here and now. I want to move into the real world already. I want a job. I want to live in California. I like it here, but I will like there more. I can start to see the rest of my life ahead of me.

3 Kids - 2 Boys & a Girl

We talk about the future - our future. It feels right. It is natural. It is OK to talk about things that will be. Not just might be. I can see our house in my mind. I can see our kids. I can see myself coming home from work to be greated by a loving wife and loving kids. I only care for the simple things. To be comfortable, to have my family, to have a family.

It's OK to dream - and for the dream to be true

This is my first DayLog. I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do. It doesn't yet feel 'right' but neither does it feel 'wrong' - it just is. I'm enjoying it though. Listening to music - nyman - while writing what I want to write. Just letting the words flow.

Maybe I'll do it again