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To become as one with my computer equipment. Then I could code in my head - how cool is that?
Coding, Eating Cheese, Managing to live with about three hours of sleep per night, Drinking beer, Avoiding Lectures..
"You can always get the icon in cornflower blue"
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In short:
Head of a multinational computing firm, Black-Belt Judo Master, Poet, Adventurer, Swordsman and Concert pianist; Big game hunter, Best Dressed Baby of 1984; Mountaineer, Lone yachtsman, Shakesperian actor and topless go-go dancer; Jonty's hobbies include passive smoking, contract killing and lying about his achievements.

He lives in Hull with his Computer and Girlfriend.

At great length:
At the time of writing Jonty was unable to dictate his life story, so he typed it instead.

For those who suspected that the above claims were possibly innacurate, or maybe even downright lies you'll be happy to know that you're absolutely correct. Oh, all except for that bit about go-go dancing, but a guy has to have a hobby doesn't he?

Jonty lives in the town of Hull in England, where he studies the fine art of binge drinking at Hull University and occasionally pretends to get involved in Computer Science lectures so that he can look intelligent and have an excuse for the purely excessive amount of gadgets and computer equipment that he stockpiles in his room. He has yet to find a satisfactory explanation for his parents as to how he pays for it all because his student loan was obviously all spent on "Books".

He enjoys various hobbies such as Kayaking or Camping and harbours a special hatred for Football in all shapes, forms and quite possibly colours too.
Actually, if drunk he can be pursuaded to watch Football, but then he can be pursuaded to do lots of things when drunk - many of them involving gratuitous nudity and possible declarations of undying love to complete strangers, some of whom may be over the age of seventy and in all probability, male.
Anyway, I digress.

One of his many passions lies in computers, and more specifically computer programming. He will indulge in this during the early hours of the morning and emerge from his room in time for breakfast looking like the undead. But possibly a bit whiter and with more facial hair.

Five things you didn't want to know about Jonty:
- He takes great pride in the fact that its his fault there's now an official "No Guns" rule in his old high-school's rulebook.
- He once had a terrible addiction to milkybars, which cost him a fortune and gave him his first fillings.
- He still avoids white chocolate.
- He got repeatedly threatened with suspension or police involvement for allegedly "Hacking" the school computers.
- He'd kill for a subway melt any day of the week. Except perhaps Wednesday.

Thats about it really. He's not that interesting you know. God.