A high pressure (> 100,000 psi), extreme temperature (-150 -900 deg F) dry lubricant. Generally, this is used in applications where either traditional lubricants do not work, or where the film strength of the base lubricant is not adequate to prevent contact or galling.

"Moly-D" is most frequently encountered as an additive for grease used in the bearings of disk brake fitted wheels. As a dry lubricant (with typical particle size in the 1-5 micron range) it is often delivered in a suspension, and may be used in locks, bicycles, or in applications where good lubrication is needed and oil would bind too much foreign matter. Use with caution as this is a sufficiently good lubricant that it can prevent friction locking mechanisms from operating correctly.

Graphite has similar uses and is far less expensive, making it a better choice where the high performance characteristics of "Moly-D" are not required.