Sadistic application of a cane in leather context is an art which draws heavily on the uses of the cane in the greater society. Many sadists place high value on the use of traditional materials in the cane itself as well as the exactitude in the application. However canes are also made in a variety of plastic and other materials.

Canes should absolutely never be used over nerve centers, soft tissue, joints or other exposed bone structures.

Most authoritative authors agree that the material of choice is rattan. Largely because of the association with boarding school application, the more dedicated practitioners of erotic caning may place a high value on formality and exact method. Similarly the erotic charge for many recipients of the cane may be invoked by the roleplay or emotional aspects of being chastised in a sexually charged context by someone in the dress or position of an authority figure.

A few people (strongly) prefer to reserve the cane explicitly to the context of punishment. Applied in this context a caning might consist of entirely hard strokes, without warmup, and likely followed by tears.

In more sensuous application, as with all SM play warmup and arousal could be used to bring the partner's body into a state where (s)he may well accept and enjoy stronger blows than would be administered in even a severe punishment.

As with all S&M, it can be useful to work with natural rhythms. It can be useful to pace motions to match heartbeat and breath, the very hard strokes usually need a recovery time to allow the bottom's response to flow through the nervous system. In warmup the cane is well adapted to staccato strokes, which can rapidly develop a pretty flush and pleasant heat in the skin of the partner.

The cane is also an excellent tool to take advantage of the delays in the nervous system's operation. Normally a hard stroke will need to arrive at the CNS and response signals need to return to the muscles for even a flinch to occur in response. Simultaneously the nerves delivering the signals can become saturated and while further signals will be processed, it will be at effectively reduced intensity. Thus, applying 3-5 relatively hard blows perhaps in increasing intensity can be used to deliver high stimulus, yet staying within your beloved's limits.

How to learn it

These methods, like most of leathersex are most easily learned by experiencing them. Those who would dish out this form of pleasure are most likely to be forgiven for their (invitable) mistakes if their authority is backed up with humility. I also highly recommend seeking out people whom you respect who may be able to provide personal instruction in the methods.


The methods described above, especially the more severe ones are not to be taken lightly. Further, in the particular instance of using canes it is important to remember that police have been known to take a very dim view of civilians using the tools like their own. Aside from the fact that inexperienced application of a cane can truly injure one's lover, anyone pursuing leathersex should know that in many jurisdictions using anything which can be construed as a dangerous weapon is never legal.
Female Disciplinary Manual, The Wildfire Club