Mondays are always busy.
Moved our office today, lost my LAN connection, ran around like a chicken with my head cut off to get the XO to sign a couple of sheets of paper. Not very fun. But I did get to leave around 3:45, which is always nice.
Story Time. Woo Hoo.
Very nice to see Melody the Story Time Girl again; she is pleasant little thing. I wander the book store, looking at a little Annie Dillard, Wallace Stevens, but fortunately since I have neither time nor money this week, nothing jumps out at me. The girls are a little rowdy, and I have to pull the short one aside and threaten to remove her. It all works out ok though, and they make little mothers day presents. When we get home, they are spun and still rowdy. Wife and I both have to yell at them.
No sleep 'till Brooklyn
-- Have to be into work by 4:45 tomorrow--ouch. Of course, I have dishes to do, but, I finish them. Amazing isn't it? A clean kitchen for the first time in eons. The kitchen counters glimmer after I wipe them down, and I can't help but feel a healthy sense of self satisfaction, even though I should have swept and mopped too. I am not an emanta.

Crawl into bed around midnight, but tadpole stirs and kicks and jabbers all night long.

I've decided to end all of my day logs by hurling epithets at those who vote them down: Go ahead, vote me down you rat bastards!