Morning came easy; I turned down the clock radio when I snoozed it. Usually a risky maneuver, but I woke up fine, with my son's feet propped up on my side. He sleeps seriously, no smiles unless he's dreaming. Then he giggles and talks.

I wash dishes for a about forty-five minutes, beginning the sink excavation that will continue for several more early mornings. I wish I could hire a bunch of those guys from Raiders of the Last Ark. I'd love to wake up to the crack of the whip and rhythmic chanting in my kitchen as a bunch of sweating egyptians went at my kitchen sink with shovels and pick axes.

My 1970 Volkswagen Bug was not low on oil as I suspected, which was good news. I need to change the il and adjust the valves, but my limited mechanical skills make that an all day job. It will have to wait at least another week.

Work began busy, which is good. Lighting off the plant causes the Engineering Department to stir and wriggle like yellow crazy ants. I just hope it goes smoother than last week. I'm tired of the CHENG's stare.

My lovely wife has a sore throat, complete with nasty puss pockets, and I have been abused thoroughly for not being able to take a full morning off from work so that she can go wait in line to see the doctor. I'm not really looking forward to the first thirty minutes when I get home. The kids are alwys happy to see me, but lovely wife usually takes her day out on my hide.