Today's Agenda:
Let's see, this morning I had watch for 4 hours from 3:30 to 7:30 am, worked out, did paperwork, took a nooner, went to General Quarters for two hours (Battle Stations kind of Crap- I keep track of all the damage on the ship and help get it fixed). Relax...Then, dinner time, a meeting, and watch again from 7:30pm to 11:30pm. After watch I read e2 and then try and fix broken PDT's.

I inherited a bastardized Windows NT Network that tracks sensor data in real time for all four main machinery rooms and the two Auxilliary spaces. It is a serious, one hundred percent pain in the ass. Lots of equipment doesn't actually have sensors--instead, people have to run around with little handheld computers and enter data, which is then downloaded into the program and well, stored, I guess. It's a log keeping, trend analysis thing.

Guess what the PDT's run on...MS-DOS!! Ain't that great?

Answer: Hell no. They are unreliable as hell, because on top of operating in temperatures regularly above 100 degrees,and being dropped and kicked and dunked in water, they also run a bastardized versionof DOS!! Although, at least I know a little about DOS.

One good thing...
I finally almost finished a class for my MBA-- and the prof says I'll be receiving an A. WOOHOO! Only three more incompletes to clear!! OH DEAR!! /me weeps.