Hmmm, today I enter the world of Everything2 as a noder. I've used it for reference for some time, but never dared to dive into noding. Then... I got bored. Indeed.

After an abortive attempt at noding a few System of a down lyrics, I took inspiration from the book I am reading at the moment Waiting for Godalming and checked to see if there was a Lazlo Woodbine node. To my amazement there wasn't. I quickly grabbed every Robert Rankin book I could find and started searching thorough for Woodbine sections. I wrote down everything I could think of and noded it straight away. To my suprise I started getting feedback almost striaght away. That nice bloke Wharfinger pointed out my numerous typos and someone else who's name escapes me at present (sorry!) gave me advice on hardlinking. To my amazement it already has a +5 reputation. And I've had a few ideas for some new nodes to fill in some gaps that really should've been connected to nodes. I think I may like it here.

I love you everything!