I don't watch many movies. In fact, this one was among fewer than five that I've seen in the past 5 years. Meet Joe Black is a perfect example of why I don't watch movies. It has an inane premise and a more inane script. Brad Pitt does a ridiculously poor job of acting, as do everyone except Anthony Hopkins.

So what's the movie about? Uh...death visits real life in the body of Brad Pitt and tells Anthony Hopkins that he will die soon. That's the premise part--it's not very clever. Of course, death falls in love with the daughter of Anthony Hopkins, who falls completely in love herself. A major part of the movie (rehashed several times) is that death likes peanut butter. I guess that makes the movie cute?

How does it end? Anthony Hopkins dies. Death has to give up his love for the daughter, but he leaves the personality of the guy whose body he took over for her. She falls in love with that guy too, suggesting the daughter is a slut concerned only with appearance. This is a classic love story that could have been written by your average high school student. But where were the explosions or testosterone-charged music that enhance so many modern movies?