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A Moment For The Psychopath

As many other noders have noted, there are many types of people who are smart (book smart, street smart, ect). There are also many people who do things well (painters, poets, football players). There seems to be in my humble opinion, not enough people who take note of the torment certain people suffer from being too gifted, but just not caring enough (by the standards of the "normal" people).

Please, a moment to explain. In life, I have found that people who excel at something are known for it, and are forgiven when they are better than their peers at any given task or subject. I have seen people who read two pages of a textbook, then recite the Iliad in Ancient Greek. They may be branded as "smart-asses", but they know they are a smart-ass. Then you have the "jack-of-all-trades" who are proficient at many jobs, but perfect at none. No one expects them to carve David, but you would expect them to make a chair leg out of a block of pine. We accept that about them. They accept it about themselves. No negitivity, no animosity. "Just the facts ma'm" What about the guy that has more knowledge than the average person, about more topics than the average person, who doesn't search out erudition, but can't seem to run from it either. They guy who out performs the average person at a mundane task, yet never stands out at the very, very front.

A problem with smart people, is that they tend to have no common sense. They may be able to memorize Homer's Odyssey, but couldn't fix a leak in a rowboat. A problem with blue collar workers, is that they tend to excel with their hands, but not what others term "intelligent" thoughts. Build a bridge that will withstand 80 years of use, but not know the name of the theorems used to figure its design.

I have pity upon they who are intelligent, yet cursed with commonsense. Or should that be the other way around? Either is fine upon its own. Unfortunately here, opposites do not always compliment one another. When a gifted person has the ability to know more than others, when knowledge is power, then that person reaches down and finds the commonsense to apply that precept to a problem, whoa. The world should look out.

I guess what I am going for here, is simple tolerance. We have such a negative connotation connected with being a psychopath. Being a psychopath isn't such a bad thing, right? Doesn't the performance of triage separate emotional attachment from factual circumstances to facilitate a common good? Then if used correctly why must people who have no concept of right and wrong be labeled with a negative noun?

You may choose to agree or disagree with this heartfelt rant. But what if it isn't heartfelt? What if it is only the result of something that I have seen, or thought that I have seen? What if I don't really care if this does any good or not? What if it does? What if it doesn't? I will still be a psychopath in the eyes of others. I just don't care.