Comiskey Park Tribute is a song written by radio personality Steve Dahl in 1990, the last season the Chicago White Sox played baseball there. The new Comiskey Park was being built across the street, and the original park was destined to become a parking lot. It was an emotional season. Many were sad that the beautiful old park was going to be demolished, but the Sox were great that year. They only had a couple of big name players, and had the lowest payroll in baseball, yet they just kept winning. TV commercials for the team used the slogan,"Who are these guys!" They won a game that year without getting a single hit. It was a magical season. They finished second to the Oakland A's in the American League West, after finishing last the previous season. Then the wrecking ball came.

The next season just didn't feel the same. The Sox got blown out in the first game ever played at the new park, some kind of divine justice in my opinion. I hate the new park. The old one may have been a bit run-down, and could have used some renovations, but it was a real baseball park. You could feel the history of the game as you walked to your seat. Babe Ruth and Shoeless Joe Jackson played there. The first All-Star game was played there. The new taxpayer financed park is just a damn shopping mall where there happens to be a baseball game in easy walking distance. This song was going through my head the first time I went to the new Comiskey in 1991. They hadn't completely demolished the old park yet. It was exquisite torture. The side of the old park that faced the new Comiskey had been removed, so every time I turned that way on the ramp heading up to the upper-deck I was looking into the dark remains of the old park. Through the gaping wound I could see the weeds growing where the field used to be. I don't enjoy going to the ball park anymore.

Comiskey Park Tribute (lyrics removed until I can get around to requesting permission to put them back legally)

Written by Steve Dahl (Marginal Talent Music/BMI)