And now it is our pleasure to present:

Geek Flirtations In Three Parts
I know you're cute, no matter how many layers of abstraction you hide behind


Female: I make you floppy?
Female: "Unlike computers, females reject 3.5 floppies"
Male: nay, but you can have my 26gig hard drive.
Female: man...I'll take that size hard drive any day
Female: can you imagine the load a drive like that handles?
Female: I wonder what the i/o speed is
Male: yeah, it's got large heads and cylinders too
Female: if it interfaces with my g-spot ....
Male: yeah, it's scsi too, for faster data flow.
Male: wider bit streams. and I KNOW you like plenty of bandwidth.
Female: you better not overflow my buffer
Male: well, then we both would crash.
Female: you'd probably need to resort to floppy to boot again
Male: yeah, or a hardware reset
Male: maybe even a warm boot.
Female: but you know that it'll take at least 15 min before your hard drive can get going again
Male: yeah, it takes a while to spin up. But don't worry, I brought an extra power supply.
Female: nice...
Male: heh, always thinking ahead.


Female: two CS people having sex...
Female: "I/O I/O..."
Male: it's all about the streams.
Female: and prepping the machine to accept your data flow
Male: yeah, in your case it'd be...I / wait wait wait / O / I / kill packet / I / kill packet / I / O
Male: just to tease you.
Female: ha!
Male: make you purr.
Female: but then I'd just get frustrated and go to a mirror site
Female: where I can get the same input....
Male: ahhaha
Female: and not as much traffic
Male: that's what you think, the router would just bounce you back
Male: and you'd be forced into a denial of service attack


Male: you're SO NOT naked right now.
Male: but if you're cold
Male: cover yourself fool.
Male: otherwise, i'm gonna have to deck you again for being a whack job
Female: argh! would I be interesting if I wasn't wack-E?
Male: yeah, I think so.
Female: man...okay...I'll stop...
Female: and we'll see how you like it
Male: ya don't have to make a personality adjustment on my behalf
Male: I'm whack myself.
Male: but hey
Female: but I want to avoid being decked
Male: oh ok, well, go for it then.
Female: NormalYuri borning = new NormalYuri();
Male: borning.SetOldYuri();
Female: yeah!
Male: borning = null;
Female: I'm back then!
Female: wack-E as ever
Male: borning.GetOldYuri();
Male: BOOOOM!!!!!!
Male: NullPointerException
Female: I'm not nullpointer exception
Female: I'm caught and handled...
Female: I like being handled
Male: try {
Male: } catch (YuriException e) {
Male: e.printstacktrace();
Male: }
Female: weeeeee!
Male: weeeee?
Female: I'll print my stack trace for you anyday
Male: mmmm
Male: i love it when you talk dirty.
Female: please extend my class and run my thread multiple times
Female: I'm very runnable
Male: You're very robust and reusable
Male: i'd love to implement your interface
Male: and inherit your getters
Female: set me baby
Male: i'd love to see you new'd
Female: instantiated?
Male: mm hmm
Male: you make me wanna use pointers
Female: you can point to a reference of my instance anytime you want
Male: I'd wanna embed my stuff into your source
Female: you can overload my methods after you extend me
Male: Can I stick my members in your base class?
Female: you can stick them there and manipulate them anyway you want
Male: yeah, i'll probably use stdio
Female: I'll take your output stream as input anyday
Male: yeah and afterward they'll probably be a dangling pointer
Female: don't worry..the garbage collector will be by later to clean it up
Male: and free up my resources
Female: but you had better not free your resources to be used on other threads
Male: nope, it's a dedicated server process, it runs in its own address space

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