Myself and several friends were standing in front of the White House just looking at it. As we were looking, a large helicopter began to emerge from behind the building. It was just taking off. This was the biggest freakin helicopter I've ever seen - it seemed about as big as the White House. The sides of this helicopter were made of stone blocks, like the walls of a castle, and there were turrets and arrow holes as well.

My friend turned to me and said this was the new model of Air Force One. As we watched, the huge copter climbed a little higher, but then it seemed to become unstable. It dipped down a bit and started to tilt to one side, then the other. It seemed like the pilots were really fighting to keep it up.

I knew it was going down. As we watched it tipped way over to the side and the huge propeller must have hit the building or the ground. The helicopter went crashing down behind the building and we started to run.

At this point it became one of those, you try to run but can't seem to move, dreams. We knew that we had to get to cover because it was going to explode and there would be debris flying everywhere. I had a premonition of a piece of the huge propeller flying through the air and chopping me in half. That was when I woke up.