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To Return what I have Obtained
Personal stories, Sci-fi speculations
attended the maryland Institute College of Art, Worked at Lightfoot Cycles
I Blame Television
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I learned about everything2 over ten years ago, and have spent many happy hours perusing the links and reveling in the random glory of... Well, Everything. There have been many times when I thought I might begin to contribute, and actually created an account once before(Suchen)and have composed lots of things I wanted to say, but somehow never done it. Well, after having yet another totally anticlimactic "end of the World" come and go, and while not really taking it seriously, Have used the occasion to begin to reflect about what is actually important and what I really wanted to Do, I've decided to begin Really contributing to making online life a more unique and thoughtful place, instead of just posting stupid shit on Facebook.
Thanks for Existing, E2!