12:56:49: mblase: EDEV: I notice that Cool Man Eddie has a (r)eply link next to his name, the same as anyone else -- shouldn't we disable this for bots?

16:15:00: mblase: EDEV: I see the Epicenter code contains three links for Gods only: System Settings, Approved HTML Tags, and The Node Crypt. Since I don't know what those do, I have to ask: are they often-used enough to keep in Epicenter, or else move to Vitals?

16:22:00: ailie: EDEV: We should keep The Node Crypt in epicenter. I'd prefer System Settings to remain there as well.

16:22:08: Repeat of previous message. Corrupted in the database.

17:40:28: yerricde: EDEV: Can somebody clarify the difference between approved HTML tags (Permission Denied) and E2 HTML tags (a writeup)?

20:21:14: JayBonci: EDEV: Yerricde: Approved html tags is a setting, the other is a doc of some sort.

22:58:53: Pyrogenic: EDEV: Is there any profiling data on the htmlcode? i.e. do we know how much time E2/Perl spends processing the different nodes/opcodes/etc?

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