05:30:58: hodgepodge: EDEV: so i just had an idea... wouldn't it be cool if we could sell posters of the topology of everything, like those internet posters you see? Given a complete current nodeball, it wouldn't even have to take up time on the production servers...

05:32:24: hodgepodge: EDEV: ... i don't think it's a trivial task, but i'd be up for taking it on, and it would definitely be cool to see what nodes are at the "center" of the nodegel. anyone want to help write a program to do this?

05:39:30: JayBonci: EDEV: Powers that be: edev: Webster vote enforcement. It's too big for a message, but it's really minor. Thanks.

05:43:30: Amoeba Protozoa: EDEV: hodgepodge I have often thought of something like that. I would be up for it. I'll have to talk to my buddy to see how he would approach the problem.

06:14:41: JayBonci: EDEV: Is anyone else getting Server Errors! When they displaytype=xml their stuff? It works fine when I don't own the node. Just checking

06:26:57: JayBonci: EDEV: Okay, there seems to be two things here. First off, the Server Errors are only when displaying a writeup (not a full node) that you own. (like clicking on the (thing) link). Also (more...)

06:28:27: JayBonci: EDEV: Also, the XML tickers are incorrectly giving us the notnew field from the table, even when it's not our own writeups (IE: You could spy on other users). Normally this is a god only benny. (this was verified with a bunch of nodes)

17:58:08: donfreenut: EDEV: Okay, I thought I'd noticed this before, but now I'm *definitely* not getting 10XP from chings. Has this happened to anyone else?

18:19:44: JayBonci: EDEV: donf-nut: It's happened to me like once or twice. I have no idea why it would do that though. Ya know? Can you show me the node that you got C!ed... And didn't get the xp for?

18:21:13: jaubertmoniker: EDEV: Is it just me, or should there be an option to turn off the votes/C!s notification in one's homenode. I can see how many votes and C!s I have by looking mere inches to the right in my epicentre

18:22:33: donfreenut: EDEV: It was Planking Whitefish.

18:22:47: donfreenut: EDEV: No it wasn't. It was Planked Whitefish.

18:49:30: Amoeba Protozoa: EDEV: Re: 10xp for C!hings. I don't think you get 10xp for editor cools.

18:56:19: JerboaKolinowski: EDEV: (vote/C! count) or, alternatively, a way to make it public :)

18:56:37: donfreenut: EDEV: (re: Amoeba) That's true, you don't. This was a regular C! though.

18:59:12: JayBonci: EDEV: The only thing I can think of is that adjustExp can't get a hold on the user correctly. Where is the code for that?

18:59:30: jaubertmoniker: EDEV: I don't see the (practical) need to make one's vote/C! count public, but I could be missing something...

19:04:37: donfreenut: EDEV: Other users can't see the vote/C! count on your homenode. Just you, cowboy.

19:08:07: jaubertmoniker: EDEV: donfreenut: I know that.

19:17:02: JerboaKolinowski: EDEV: (public vote/C!) perhaps it makes tracking systematic downvoters easier, and therefore help avoid false accusations... but my suggestion was actually prompted just by thoughtlessly following the pattern of the other items on the homenode box

20:33:37: JayBonci: EDEV: JK: The only thing I thought would be cool as a high level power would be an evil / good percentage... like a ratio of up to down votes. But voting should be anonymous. If you have a serial downvoter... oh well.

21:11:17: mblase: EDEV: I find in the perl code a function called linkNodeTitle, which takes one argument (a string) and makes it a hardlink. Is there a similar Perl function to make a pipelink?

21:50:25: JayBonci: EDEV: mblase I think linkNode() takes a node to link to, and the text to link it with. Soo, you can either use $N(title) for the string, or "mblase likes dayglow orange". Either way.

21:51:48: mblase: EDEV: nevermind, found the secret code. Vitals uses it everywhere.

23:21:46: N-Wing: EDEV: linkNode needs an actual node object as its first parameter. linkNode is used to parse [ ... ] things. So linkNode('hi|hello'); does [hi|hello] which is hello

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