00:45:02: JayBonci: EDEV: Okay, I've had a bug in e2 bugs for a while. There are two screenshots in there with the bug. Basically it's some kind of whacked data inconsistancy. If anyone has any guesses with the second screenshot up, that would be good.... (more)

00:46:12: JayBonci: EDEV: The second screenshot is new, and it shows that I have votes in the epicenter, but my homenode doesn't think I have any. Thoughts? N-Wing had trouble with this one before, and I'm just curious if anyone has any good guesses.

18:01:14: sleeping wolf: EDEV: (vote update) I wonder when the vote update occurs? Depending on the mechanism, if it updates the cools, then on the next call updates the votes, it might cause something like this.

18:19:52: Amoeba Protozoa: EDEV: yerricde: So you thought that a non-softlinking search box was so useful you put one on your homepage? I think we need a link on the Epicenter to yerricde's homepage!

18:28:34: m_turner: EDEV: nodes that are not e2 nodes don't create softlinks. The homenode is not an e2 node - searching from one's homenode will not create a softlink. (personaly, I find the home page easier to get to and I get to see the C! nodes)

21:44:59: Chris-O: ONO: EDEV: does message pass all of its variables to showmessages?

21:45:55: Chris-O: ONO: EDEV: specifically, "$$U{title}"

22:21:05: N-Wing: EDEV: FYI: something like $$SOMEVAR{somekey} usually means that $SOMEVAR refers to a specific node, and 'somekey' is a field in that node (fields a node has can usually be seen by viewing the database table on their nodetype (type=dbtable))

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